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  1. Linear Programming Formulation: Given two disjoint point sets H and M in the n-dimensional real space Rn, we wish to construct a discriminant function f, from Rn into the real line R, such that f(H) > 0 and f(M) < 0
  2. A study on Stress assessment and management: To handle the problem of Stress assessment in an organization , a well known standardized questionnaire was administered to a sample of 45 employees of a company (Binbow Auto India (P) Ltd.) which was manufacturer of seals to be used in automobile segment. The sample consisted of five levels of employees. It was concluded that on an average normal adaptive levels of stress is existing in this company except the dimensions of Role Overload and Responsibility. Finally a few coping mechanisms were suggested to build on the existing capabilities.
  3. An example of crafting Job Description and Job Specification
  4. New Channel Audience Measurement
  5. Production System of BNB Auto Industries: The production system of one of the factory of an Auto parts company viz. BNB AUTO INDUSTRIES was studied and assembly line operation of the company was analyzed. Line inefficiency was determined after line balancing and then subsequently measures were recommended for improvement in the efficiency.
  6. Software Quality: With software embedded into many devices today, software failure has caused more than
    inconvenience. High quality software meets the needs of users while being reliable, well supported, maintainable, portable, and easily integrated with other tools.In this report I have delineated the software development life cycle and its various phases , various factors of software quality and the characteristics for these factors. Finally I have mentioned various testing procedures to find these characteristics. Some software metrics are also mentioned for quantitative estimates.
  7. Business Intelligence with AI Methods
  8. A report on Financial Sector Reforms
  9. A study of Non Banking Financial Company
  10. New Channel Audience Measurement : Conjoint Analysis, Multidimensional Scaling with Perceptual Maps and Correspondence Analysis
  11. Integer Linear Programming Problem Formulation: Traditional approaches for data classification , that are based on partitioning the data sets into two groups, perform poorly for multi-class data classffication problems. The proposed approach is based on the use of hyper-boxes for de¯ning boundaries of the classes that include all or some of the points in that set. A mixed-integer programming model is developed. for representing existence of hyper-boxes and their boundaries. In addition, the relationships among the discrete decisions in the model are represented using propositional logic and then converted to their equivalent integer constraints using Boolean algebra.
  12. PEST Analysis of Indian Automobile Industry
  13. Porter Analysis of Civil Aviation Industry
  14. Value Chain Analysis for Global Defence R&D Industry
  15. Company Analysis: Dabur India
  16. Financial Decision Analysis: Forecasting US GDP Series
  17. Organizational Change Study of DIPR
  18. Illustrations of Non Linear Programming
  19. Strategic Analysis of Verizon Communications
  20. The Financial Meltdown - 2009
  21. Competence Building Program for Researchers  - 1 month long training conducted on sundry aspects like Research Methodology, Power Analysis & Sample size Determination, PERT/CPM, Randomization Tests, Re-sampling Statistics, NANOVA, OLS Estimation, Pilot Mental Workload Assessment (MWL), Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) Optimization - Oct 2009
  22. Study PLan : A study of antecedents and consequences of employee engagement in ATC - Apr 2010

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