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  1. MBA Thesis internationally (US, UK, Germany) published as book “Forecasting Exchange rate & Estimating Volatility” by VDM Verlag, Germany (ISBN 978-3-639-16180-9), 2009   The Book at AMAZON

Research Reports

  1. DRDO Research Reports including "Computerized Pilot Selection System (CPSS)" report for which Agni Award for Excellence in Self Reliance, 2005 was conferred by GOI (Reports are internal being confidential ones).


  1. “Operations Other than War & Kashmir Imbroglio” , Battle Scene 2020 International Conference, DRDO,2000
  2. Three papers presented at CS Society at IIT, Delhi (Mobility prediction in Ad-Hoc Networks, Junk E-mail Filtering and Use of Neural Networks for Image Segmentation), IIT Delhi 2001-02
  3. “Cutting Edge Practices of Performance Appraisal” , Interviewing Officers Conference, DIPR, 2009   Download
  4. "Financial Time Series Forecasting : Comparison of various ARCH models", Global Jounal of Finance and Management, ISSN 0975-6477 Volume 2,  Number 1(2010), pp. 159-172, @Research India Publications.   Download     Download
  5. "Financial Time Series Forecasting : Comparison of various architectures of Neural Networks and ARCH models" –International Research Journal of Finance and Economics, ISSN 1456 - 2887, Issue 49 (2010), @EuroJournals Publishing, Inc. 2010, Impact Factor 0.41    Download     Download
  6. "Exchange Rate Forecasting : Comparison of various Architectures of  Neural networks" – Accepted for Neural Computing and Applications, Springer Verlag, Impact Factor 0.82.   Online
  7. "Enhancing Air Saftety of Pilots and ATC using TRIZ",Trizin 2010, TRIZ India Summit, July 29-30, 2010, Bangalore.   Download     Download

Papers Reviewed

  1. “CJAS-2009-0378 - Opinion surveys on the euro: a multilevel multinomial logistic analysis” for International Journal of Applied Statistics (IJAS)

Working Papers

  1. Integer-Programming-Problem-Formulation (OPPAPERS.COM) Visit Online

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