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Name : Ajay Kumar Dhamija

Residence : G-002, Jhulelal Aptts, Pitampura, Delhi - 110034

Office : R&D, New Delhi

Tel :  91-11-27351028 (R),  91-9811453163 (M)   

E-mail : dhamija[DOT]ak[AT]gmail[DOT]com

Skype: ajay.dhamija

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I enjoy envisioning and executing the project from start to finish

I have worked in the areas of Diffusion Modeling, OSI Network, RDBMS and Data Mining, Intension Mining, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems, Statistical Natural Language Processing, Image Processing, Ad-Hoc Networks, Reverse Engineering Tools Development, Pilot Selection Tests, Pilot Mental Workload Assessment, Air Traffic Controller Tests, Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT & IRT), Financial Modeling and Analysis

I plan to take challenging assignments in Intelligent Data Mining, Knowledge Management, Strategic Planning and Systematic Innovation Process, TRIZ, Computerized Testing and Assessment, Tests for Aviation Aptitude


Analytical Methods, Quantitative Methods, AI methods, Bayesian Networks, Social Networks, Financial Modeling, Neuro-Fuzzy Simulation, Data Analysis & Data Mining using R, Cyberpsychology, Computerized Adaptive Tests (CAT & IRT), TRIZ


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